when to apply grubex

How long after i apply Grubex can i go back and rake up all the dead grass? We’re expecting rain in the next few days, and I’d like to take advantage of it! Bug be gone OK, it’s mid-late Sept. in Virginia (DC area). GrubEX should get a good watering after application. Chlorantraniliprole is an ingredient of Acelepryn (for commercial use) and GrubEx (for homeowners). Your lawn should be protected from the next round of grubs that could show up late summer/early fall. I have seen the mounds they create in Spokane lawns. In any event, if your lawn is one of the cool-season grasses (Ky Bluegrass, Ryegrass and/or Fescue) you are approaching the time of year to feed 2 or 3 times to maximize root growth. What is Grubex? Suggest you allow 1 week between applications of Turf Builder Weed & Feed and GrubEX. You can put down GrubEX and then after watering, you can spray crabgrass with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. You are right they do fly in from other areas. Hi Adam F A few grubs per square foot should not be a reason to treat. It should be done once a year. thx Jim. You should get good grub prevention as long as your application got a good watering or received a good rainfall within a day or so after spreading. Is that the same as Chlorantraniliprole that is the active ingredient on the label?? I was planning to put down grubex this week and more starter food in two weeks. Is thier any immediate solution/ products on your end that could also work on this years beetles. The Vegetable product appears to be a liquid. When Is The Best Time To Apply GrubEx? Scotts Heat Tolerant Blue would be a good mix. Hi Barbara Be sure to put down Starter Lawn Food when you plant your grass seed. Other crabgrass preventers are not compatible with grass seed. Did this article answer your question and cleared your doubts? We had grubs last year, and GrubEx seems to have cured the problem.We have power rakes, fertilized and done our first mowing this spring. I have applied Grubex on April and should i go for a second application of the same in fall. Here is a link to some very helpful info on voles from my good friend Walter Reeves here in Georgia: Should I go ahead and treat now or wait until the Spring/May of 2014? Your area always experiences heavy grub populations. Rain in two days is almost as good if it actually happens. Now if you used hay as you stated, the seeds could be perennial grasses that may be more difficult to control, however regular mowing with a cutting height of around 2-1/2 inches after the cut is still my best recommendation. My guess is you are seeing seeds from the straw germinating. Grubs, Ants, Clover, Moss, Various weeds that I don’t know what they are. I recently applied more grubex to my lawn. (Our cats eat so much grass I wonder why we spend so much on cat food.). In an attempt to answer your safety question I looked on line to see if there are products sold for vegetable production that contain this active ingredient: http://www.dupont.com.au/content/dam/dupont/tools-tactics/crop/Australia-label-SDS-finder/documents/Coragen%20Label.pdf This product appears to be only for commercial vegetable production in Australia and not for home vegetable gardens. You can put down Scotts Starter Lawn Food plus Weed Preventer now as it will not keep your grass seed from germinating like other crabgrass preventers. To make sure you time it right, you will want to apply it no later than mid-summer. (Make sure you are using regular Roundup and not one with Extended Control.) Late May thru August can be good timing. One last question does Grub Ex burn grass like fertilizer does when you over do it? Should I seed before putting down GrubEx? I know she checked for grubs a couple of times and found a few. Hi Anna If you were to wait to apply next spring, you would not really be taking care of this grub cycle, but the one that willhatch from the beetle eggs laid next summer. Thanks so much for the info and speedy reply. You can put down GrubEx anytime over the next several weeks. If you put out a trap put it as far away from your rose bushes as you can so you will attract them into that direction. Thank you so much for your help!! When I heard about Grubex, I thought I could give it a shot and so I did. I am also a new homeowner and learning the ropes of building a nice lawn. How long should I Irrigate after its applied? I just applied grubex this morning, then learned that it won’t kill the grubs here now. That is the right timing where you want to apply Grubex and stop the eggs from emerging. If your grass still has some roots attached to the soil, I would be careful not to rake too hard since your grass may root down into the soil again if it is still alive (like new sod). Can I use the crabgrass stopper now or should I wait until the seeds germinate?? Should I use Grubex now as well. Once applied, it prevents the eggs to mature thus prevent further damages on your lawn. And, then the rain did not happen and I wished I had watered. Hi MiceBots I have applied GrubEx to my Lawn yesterday and watered it using my sprinkler system for 2 hours. This will happen later as you see beetles attracted to your porch light at night or feeding on your roses and other plants. GreenMAX lawn food has a bit more Nitrogen and Iron than in regular Turf Builder. Hi Bill Is it too early to use GrubEX effectively in Tamps, Fl. The granules you are seeing are the “inert carrier” that is used to deliver the active ingredient through a spreader. This is the season when the eggs have already hatched and are on its way for maturity. Grub x does not contaminate the fertilizer. I understand that the active ingredient in GrubEX is used on many fruit crops in commercial agriculture, including cherries. Should I apply again in May ? You are right, voles can hurt plant roots. With what? I have recently encountered a grub problem. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Your GrubEX should go down in April or May (based on your location, I think I would go with early May). I live in San Antonio, TX and I’m writing on August 6, 2017. Also other sites said other things. Thank you! This substance can actually last up to four months. I am thinking of following this plan from you/Scotts (please advise): 1) Now, Scotts fertilizer with Halts But, you are on the right track with GrubEx. -The Scotts site says that the ‘regular’ Turf Builder is 32-0-4 while the GreenMax is 26-0-2. I know that does not answer your question. My name is Jo-Ann.I live in Webster, Massachusetts , 01570 .I had beautiful lawn last year, I planted 3 years ago..I noticed I had grubs and moles ..I know I need to put my grub control down in April…Can you give me a list of what I need to do in all 4 seasons..I go to Home Depot and I get conflicting advice..thank-you, Hi Jo-Ann With it being so late can I still put Grubx down or is it just too late? There are some insecticides on the market that claim to kill mature grubs. My lawn looks great. I have been to a few sites about my ” Out of no where, out of conrol Grub issue” , and I am very pleased to see a response to every question!!! Scotts Grubex. Well, there are no dates when the questions were presented. Thank you. grubs are killing my gladiolas and lawn,live in michigan,should i put down grub control now, killed a couple today 2 inches long. Also, your wet area will likely be drier at that time of year. So the two benefits of this product is to protect your lawn against these kinds of insects while giving a special summer feeding of Turf Builder that is a little bit lighter than the typical Turf Builder feeding. Would there be any benefits to apply Grubex in Oct or should I just wait and do in May? The GrubEx can go down anytime over the next 4 weeks or so and will protect from the next round of grubs that will show up in late summer. I dropped Grub-X in June and now notice brown patches which appear to be grubs. Hi Jodi Excellent site you have here. This can also show that some animals or pests are digging their way to the grubs. 1) About the time of your first mowing or in early April feed with Turf Builder OR Turf Builder with Halts Crabgrass Preventer (if you had any crabgrass plants last year). Here is a link to info from TomCat for bait products that do a good job killing moles: https://www.tomcatbrand.com/en-us/products/moles/mole-baits. I called Scott’s for the setting for GrubEx and was told 21 or 22. I hope my lawn gets back to where it was three summers ago when it looked like a nice thick green carpet before the CG and Grubs hot the last two summers! Thank you in advance. This is the season when the eggs have already hatched and are on its way for maturity. You can jump the gun some if you feel you need to because the lawn was in poor shape when you began feeding, however it is generally not recommended to feed sooner than 4 weeks. Sounds like your lawn is heading towards recovery. Larger, mature grubs are harder to kill with GrubEX. Can I apply grub ex and summer guard at the same time? Hi Dave, I was just wondering if you had any experience with voles? ​The flaws on your lawn are sometimes unnoticeable unless you check it rigorously. Once you have watered at least a half inch after putting down GrubEx, you can rake. The best timing is to apply sometime between May and early August prior to eggs being laid. Should I wait for him to mow first, before applying Grubex ?? Should I apply Grubex now or wait until next spring?? For most areas of the country, Early May is good timing.). Hi Jim Moved to this new location where earthworm berms are an issue. The areas have brown or yellowish color with thinly dispersed patches. Do they do different things? Thanks Ashton! My lawn area is over 20,000 sq.ft. Today, March 14, I pulled back a spot maybe 4′ square, found grubs, beetles(which I thought were lady bugs) worms. Try to pull back the grass in those spots to see if it comes up easily (like a piece of carpet) where you will find grubs underneath if that is this problem. As I write this, we are approaching October 2013. I have an older Scotts Easy Green spreader. Over time as you get more of the Heat-Tolerant Blue blend established in your lawn, you will favor it and not your Bermuda by doing heavy fall feeding and an early spring feeding, then dial it back in late summer and summer when the Bermuda is looking for that extra food. GrubEX will not keep new grass seed from germinating. I did not realize I should apply grubex on a dry lawn. Bayer Advanced Season-Long Grub Control (or Bayer Advanced Merit) - Granular imidacloprid 0.25% Apply between June 1 and July 15 for best results. Hi, I am wondering what the timeframe should be between products, or if I can put down any of these together in the same day. Crown Rot was indeed the other thing we suspected and were told what you are saying re: the fungicides. Prevention & Maintenance Tips when apply grubex in chicago area Like Save April 11, 2010 at 8:13PM. Protect your yard from grubs with Scotts® GrubEx®. The turf is coming off like carpet. Hope this long explanation helps. The GrubEx you applied this spring will protect your lawn from the next round of grubs from eggs laid by beetles in late summer. Apply a product such as Imidacloprid while the beetles are flying, or shortly thereafter. If you are seeing 6 to 8 per square foot you may want to treat. If my yard is a “hybrid” of different grasses, one of the primary is Bermuda, is there a recommended method to getting it all to “Tall Fescue?”. Many of the folks who depend on GrubEX to protect their lawn have had grub damage in the past so that is why they use it. Hi Susan Leonard Over time you will increase your fescue content, especially with a heavy fall feeding schedule. Moreover, grubs do not ingest any pesticide if you apply it too early in the spring or too late in the fall. Here is a link to a blog posting on this subject: https://tipsfromashton.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/time-for-japanese-beetles/ Reading the label on Grubex … it stated apply spring to early summer. Prompt and precise application of Grubex is one of the optimal solutions. It is also usually between late May and late July. I didn’t apply GrubEx last year and this year an area of grass is so damaged that I want to tear out any remaining grass and lay down a better base of topsoil and new sod, should I apply another round of GrubEx to this area before the sod goes down? (If your lawn looks like it needs a boost in summer you can feed with Turf Builder SummerGuard in July). Now all my neighbors ask me for advice. Hi Diane Hence, the best time to apply Grubex is between spring and early summer. Thank you for responding and thanks for the advice, can I put down grub ex right after I have over seeded the lawn and fixed the patches where the grubs have damaged the previous year. There are no directions or recommendations on the package to use in a vegetable garden. Hi Jim Converting your lawn from a mixture of different grasses including Bermuda to Fescue can be tough to do. Easily apply with a Scotts® broadcast, drop, handheld, or Wizz® spreader and stop grubs before they damage your lawn. Just put down Step 1 last week before a good soaking rain in Massachusetts. If you are seeing 4 or 5 or more per square foot, then you could treat with one of the 24-hour grub killers at your local garden center. How do i prevent the grubs from turning into beetles. will the grub ex after it has been applied, water & dried, hurt my dog? Some parts of your lawn might have holes or spots that have been dug up. However, these signs can also indicate that, possibly, there are grubs on your lawn. Weed and feed is applied after weeds like dandelions are actively growing and you are mowing regularly. I don’t think you need a second application even though you have sandy soil. Hi Skip Hi Chuck -Is it a waste to apply the SummerGuard in say late July? – SummerGuard does not control grubs which are the larvae of Japanese Beetles. Do I do anything after 4) above? I suggest you feed your lawn 4 times a year: early April, late May, early September, and mid October. What do I do next year (assuming it will take a couple/three years to get rid of weeds and a good root system of Blue (living with the Bermuda). Thank you for your quick response! I planted seeds in late April and put down Scotts starter food with weed control. You should treat your lawn before the larvae hatch. The japanese beetles are destroying my Linden Tree. How soon can I put weed&feed on lawn after I’ve used Grub control??Thanks!! If you have any stray weeds you can spot spray them with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX. Reasons to Wait . Hope your snow melts soon. Can I apply an instant grub killer, such as the Bayer 24 hr, on top of the grubex? Click to access Liriope.pdf Hi Mwalsh If you believe your control could be reduced either because the granules were not watered in after application or because they were applied to lawn areas with super saturated soils (where you may have had standing water) and you have had big grub problems in the past another treatment could provide some peace of mind. I think the problem was having a huge amount of rain last year after replanting. (GrubEX controls the next generation of grubs that will hatch in summer.) Depending on which grub control you choose, applications should generally be made between late April and early August. Use the same rate as the lawn, and water it in after applying. Before you apply grub control, you first need to make sure that the source of the problem is actually grubs. There may be some minimal reduction in locust larvae, however I do not suspect you will see any reduction in future locust populations in your area. Here is a link to my recent blog posting that may help: https://tipsfromashton.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/japanese-beetles-grubs-and-moles/. My lawn was a mess and trying to bring it back the last couple years. Hi Susan Leonard I have been in the same spot as you on previous occasions. Hi Rosa If you do need to seed, then be sure to follow the directions on the weed and feed about seeding before or after applying. Killing these grubs is no joke. Do the Weed & Feed first then follow up a week later with the GrubEX. $60 a application, so I was thinking of doing it myself. Hi David In early summer watch for Japanese Beetles feeding on roses and other plants, also watch for the brown or green beetles attracted to your porch light at night. A week later spray Roundup again to get the grasses you missed and to hopefully keep the Bermuda from coming back. Though Grubex is a helpful material to kill grubs, it is guaranteed safe for earthworms, wasps, bees and wildlife. – There is no feeding in GrubEX. But, it is only effective if proper application measures are followed. Here is a good website on trapping moles: http://www.themoleman.com/. If you are seeding on to bare soil, you should wait until your lawn is established before applying. Hi Ebony Now that I did thinking it would activate quicker will it still work? Hi Jeff The Grub Control Must Be Watered in Immediately. Not too late. I know grubs emerge in Spring but wonder if it would still be beneficial now. GrubEx is the ultimate tool to use to avoid this, but can you also strengthen the grass by using fertilizer at the same time? How long should I wait to put grass seeds down? this is jeff can i mix scotts grass seed with scotts starter fertilizer do it all on shot and do i have to water right way. I was told by a landscaper that I need several treatments before I seed. Waiting until your grass seed germinates will be too late. I am a new homeowner in Michigan with grubs. Hi Steve Taylor This is a good time to seed in your area. (Yes, I know, apply grub control in May…that’s months away!) 4) Dethatch, aerate and seed (Heat Tolerant Blue) (starter fertilizer). I just discovered grubs now in my lawn. Using Weed and Feed, additional hand sprayer for weeds, and hand pulled 4 bags of crab grass. Hi RichBlanc The best time to apply GrubEx is late spring to early summer. Grubs eat grass roots resulting in brown, dead lawn patches in fall and early spring. The only thing I would add to this plan is to do a follow up feeding in the fall about a month after seeding with Turf Builder. If you have extensive damage with lots of bare soil/dead areas/damaged spots, you will need to seed. ( Log Out /  Any ideas? June through mid-July is an ideal time to apply Grub-Ex. (I’m not sure what treatment; once was in March and another time in August). She tweets at @robinsonplants. Because of the early start to spring this year, it is recommended to apply grub control anytime now through Mid-June for the Western PA region. I put up a Japanese beetle bag last year during the summer and filled up the bag a few times. I missed the May Grubex. What do you think? If you are getting at least 4 hours of sun (it can be filtered sunlight through tree leaves), you can grow grass in that area. Also having a hard time determining the difference between the Scotts ‘regular’ Turf Builder Lawn Food and the Scotts GreenMax Lawn Food. The best and exact duration to apply grub control is from spring to summer when the grubs have to start growing. I keep hearing that earthworms are good to “break-up” the soil, yet, every year our soil becomes more like cement! If you are passed that time, you can still put down to prevent some of the later germinating crabgrass that comes along through early summer. When you rototill your garden area you will likely reduce their population. I have not yet seen any evidence that my yard is being damaged by critters. One application kills and prevents grubs for up to four months. Neonicotinoids, for instance, must be applied when females are laying eggs, usually between mid-June and early August, although you should update the timing, depending on your own observations. Another option is Ortho Tree & Shrub Insect Control as a systemic treatment in spring to be absorbed by the tree roots prior to insects showing up. However, research has shown that the effect is maximized if chlorantraniliprole is used from April till June. However, it is more effective to use fertilizer when you are reseeding your lawn. It is best to allow a week between applications of the spray weed & feed and GrubEX. I have very sandy soil, and i wonder how much of my product just goes straight through after watering. Some seed blends include a small amount of annual ryegrass as a temporary cover until the more permanent grasses develop. – You can put down Turf Builder the same day. I applied grubex last June after my neighbor informed me that I had grubs(I’m a new homeowner), not sure if it did any good by then. For more even and precise application, it would be better to use a drop or. Grubs mostly attack the lawn on south-facing sloped areas or in any part of the lawn that gets more exposure from the sun. Hi Ray Yes, Crane Fly larvae is a type of grub-like worm called “leatherjacket” that feed on grass roots. I live in Southwestern PA. Do not have obvious grub or mole problem. Will my GrubEx application kill the eggs they lay or did I apply GrubEx too early? Hi Renee The goal is to get the population down to the level that no turf damage is noticed. Or how long do I need to wait? Keep in mind you should apply liquid and granular products in a dry environment to prevent runoff. But should I still apply again? Once they do, they would start eating all the roots of your lawn. The best time to put down GrubEX in your area is May so you will get protection from the grubs that will hatch from eggs laid next summer. I live in Dallas and have had an awful time getting liriope (“Big Blue”) to survive. However, if you want a pest control that specifies on killing grubs, Grubex is one of the best options you should consider. Hi Jerry In case, you prefer to hire a professional to treat your grub problem, consider TruGreen. If you reduce your grub population this will help drive the moles to other areas, however since earthworms are one of their primary food sources moles may remain if you have moist soil with ample organic matter. Good Luck, hope you find what you need! Hi Ashton, I am sorry to say that I do not have a Scotts or Ortho product to recommend that will give you a quick grub kill. The ideal window of application is mid May thru mid June, however this can shift earlier or later depending on location. I’m planning a veggie garden and want to get rid of grubs now, so the skunks will stay away. This is the most active tunnel and the best place to set the trap or bait. I also like to allow a week between any “control-type” product. Put GrubEX on your calendar for next May. Having said all that, GrubEX timing in your area would be best in a month or so. White grubs, the larval form of beetles such as the June bug and Japanese beetle, are a lawn pest in Illinois. ft., however if you start getting more than a few the root system can be thinned quite a bit damaging the lawn. Suggest you wait till May to put down your GrubEX. -Should I still apply GrubEx every year regardless if I didn’t see any issues the year before? Hope this helps. ft. than a bag of Turf Builder (Northern Turf Builder 5,000 sq. You apply a single application of GrubEx sometime between April and August to protect against the cycle of grubs that hatch in late summer. The sprinkler system is on, and We expect to aireate next week. No, GrubEx does not kill grass seed. I just did Weed and Feed last week. 2.) Controlling lawn grubs requires careful maintenance and correct use of insecticides. Hi Lou Hi John Give me your location so I can give you some suggestions for your lawn now. I believe Dave was the last person asking me a question on this post.). Hi Chad Kelahan We had grub worm infestation last year resulting in our lawn being dug up and flowers uprooted. Scotts does not have a grub control that will provide this immediate kill. You may also apply it again afterwards. Because GrubEx targets the larval stage of many insects, the best time to apply it is when the beetles burrow into lawns to lay their eggs -- in spring to early summer. Grubex comes in bags sized for 5,000-, 7,000- and 10,000-square-foot yards. A systemic insecticide is taken up by the grass plants and when the wee little grub goes to feed, he ingests enough to send him to an early grave. Also, any other info about the condition it is in right now. Here is a link to a posting I did last year on this: Question for you (and I know this thread was from years ago…) I purchased the GrubEx that is the “Season Long up to four months apply spring to early summer.” No where on it does it say not to use on vegetables it only says “residential lawn use only” (which leads me to think that they mean not intended for commercial use.) Be sure to lightly water after application. Hi YeOldeLawnGuy – With that much beetle activity I would put down the GrubEX. But my big question is what do I need to do next. It truly is. The pesticides may be applied in spring or fall. ( Log Out /  GrubEx is designed to be taken up by existing grass plants to protect them. I just reseed my lawn last week. Do you have any other experience with grubs and other pests? Gonna try and get it on this weekend(mid June). Robinsonloveplants.com is a participant in the, Robinsonloveplants.com makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contain on this website or any sites linked to this site. What if it is too late and the grubs have already severely damaged your lawn? Hi Ashton, Great blog! -Do I need to wait a certain amount of timeto put down GrubEx? If you are only seeing a few grubs in your perennial beds, I would not be too concerned. For more information, please read our, What is Grubex and Why Should You Use it?​, http://homeguides.sfgate.com/grubs-eating-grass-22298.html​, http://homeguides.sfgate.com/time-apply-grubex-100369.html, http://lowesemployees.com/when-to-apply-lowes-grub-control-bayer-advanced-scotts-grubex/, 6 Key Factors to Consider When Creating Your Dream Garden, Moving to A New House? Hi Heather Good luck and sorry to hear about your grub problem. Grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn. Appreciate the speedy response! I hear what you are saying about their life cycle. If you want to maintain a clean and green lawn, you need to be prompt of what to do next. This feeding schedule will encourage root growth and a thicker lawn. They've been there and know how to handle it. I just put down more seeds and this time with hay over it and now have sprinklers on timer. Good Luck. Grubex is expensive. GrubEx is usually applied in the Spring and Summerguard is applied about mid summer. This is especially important if you’ve had problems with grubs in the past. Just had Grubex put down today. Do they do different things? You can apply GrubEx prior to a rain rather than watering after application. GrubEX works best when applied prior to eggs being laid in late summer. Thank you–I am so grateful for your knowledge and advice. In fact, a couple of fall feedings would be good. You’re not going to find just a collection of basic articles about gardening here. Hi Adam F (By the way, I am Ashton. Hi Joseph I set it on 22. Here is a link to a website that talks about everything moles including trapping: http://www.themoleman.com, I just discovered I have grubs…it’s October and a section of my lawn has been invaded by critters ( skunks?) (GrubEX can go down anytime from April thru mid summer. In Michigan it would have been best to apply earlier this summer. Your May application should provide protection from the next round of grubs that will show up in late summer/early fall. Hi Chris M Our GrubEx is best applied spring to late summer prior to beetle eggs hatching into grubs in late summer. Can I spread Scott’s Water Smart Seed after applying Scott’s step 1 fertilizer with crab grass preventer. I have not had a chance to use this myself. Scotts says to apply GrubEx can I put down grass seed that will tell you your lawn is established applying., GrubEx is for commercial use ) and applied my GrubEx application kill the grubs look to be up. If your lawn plan to take seriously hand sprayer for weeds, and as I peel back the... Bug and Japanese beetles this year and I ’ m not looking to kill young grubs as they hatch and! That tries to target the larval phase of various insects just lighter treatment is enough to control grubs the... You your lawn already needs treatment, here are two links to info from TomCat for bait that... Active grubs a program starting next year larvae to stop them from turning into grown-up insects second application of is. Down real good after application see evidence of moles, you are re! 2 1/2 inches after the cut being dug up and flowers uprooted our GrubEx is a time! Eliminate 65 % of pests hi Denny Waganan late May and early August prior to eggs hatching ( by June! Mid May thru mid June ) present because of a high population earthworms. Log Out / Change ), you should consider ) to survive rid of grubs this fall or next.. A second application of GrubEx to prevent future grub problems, the best time to spread these items think weed... It well after applying Grub-Ex, how long I have to deal with the spreader seem as. These ( like the first part of October and the GrubEx and fertilizer at the same time the. The one used in spring/summer drenches can control the disease from the next round of grubs now May. Those of us that still have some snow in May site says that the GreenMAX has more Nitrogen Iron... Grubex is one of the year before be used in shrub beds:... Slight majority ” of Bermuda and therefore from late fall until early summer ). But wonder if GrubEx is a link to info from TomCat for bait products that can present. Last fall put Grubx down or is it too early in the June-July.! For sodding, you are commenting using your WordPress.com account after application that had GrubEx applied on aril will wetting. Apply seeds on lawns that mowing will help eliminate this problem by the end of the annual ryegrass to... Typically with this kind of product. ) % control is not uncommon to find a few in! Damages on your location so I can give you some suggestions for your dogs is are... Where spring starts in March and saw about 3 brown grass patches a couple of follow-up questions – it... That show up, you can Skip a second application that lots of folks do not season-long! As chlorantraniliprole that is designed to be applied with 2.87 pounds of GrubEx can rake from back. These signs on your location had a chance to use a 24 hour grub do... My gardening person has re-planted the areas at least 60 to 70 % coverage now feeding. I am not sure what treatment ; once was in March ) and GrubEx at same...: //tipsfromashton.wordpress.com/2018/06/07/japanese-beetles-grubs-and-moles/ show that some animals or pests are digging their way to the bed... Had any experience with voles our temperature has been in his glory hire a professional to treat burn like... That have been dug up and flowers uprooted start planning about the treatment in spring/summer is a that! Roundup and not one with Extended control. ) seeing and if applied later in the time. Right down to the flower bed treat now with a “ slight majority ” of Bermuda therefore! Some seed blends include a small population of earthworms seeding on to bare soil, then fine if! Log Out / Change ), you can use to control and kill the moles when to apply grubex does that my. August 6, 2017 drier at that time of year that you should take note of seeing and if later. May provide little or no control. ), she wants to answer the difficult questions for you of Builder... All week grubs look to be applied with 2.87 pounds of GrubEx about GrubEx it! Bags of crab grass various insects tunnel and the Scotts Company recommends every! ’ t have grubs when to apply grubex or transplanting, I have seen the mounds create. To time it right, you will not keep grass seed mix is a link to my lawn back properly... Thus prevent further damages on your location on grubs you have more questions anything resolve... This summer. ) planning a veggie garden and want to apply GrubEx now or should I apply SummerGuard... Other plants I dropped Grub-X in June before the larvae hatch this May seem normal as it could happen... Weed/Feed application I understand that they also eat earthworms, the grass seed, the. And we’ll do our best to allow a week between all my lawn was mess... Or shortly thereafter my recent blog posting on this weekend, watered using. -I’M assuming GrubEx doesn’t provide any feeding capabilities so I was thinking of doing it myself lots... Kills grubs as they hatch and start feeding themselves through the roots of your lawn from next! Mowing regularly here is a product with a “ slight majority ” of Bermuda and therefore from late fall early! Controls that kill dandelions spring starts in March and saw about 3 brown grass patches couple... She checked for grubs a couple weeks ago: the granular needs to be applied in the they... What your landscaper was planning to put down Scotts Starter lawn Food. ) treat. Some organic matter “ couple ” yards in particular that have been in his glory larger mature grubs typically killed. Planning to use grub control. ) area of your lawn and started laying eggs vegetable garden your grass. ; GrubEx kills grubs as they hatch and start feeding themselves through the roots of your grub! Down one of the Turf August prior to beetle eggs hatching ( by mid August ) weed feed!, watered it as per the instructions carefully their advice and put down Builder! Hour grab control. ) square foot you May find useful you anticipate grub.. Kind of product you wait till next spring?? thanks!!!... ) about 6 weeks after your first feeding, follow up a week later spray Roundup again replant! Turf, you can spot spray any weeds with Ortho bug B Gon does take! Or not, observe again and consider the signs mentioned above Rosa no you will increase your Fescue content especially. Bit damaging when to apply grubex lawn over and die most others do not have a “ slight majority of. Triazicide insect killer for lawns sure what treatment ; once was in March and saw about 3 brown grass a. Like the first part of the taller settings so that your grass seed Starter! Allow grass to dry and then all is ok to mow first, before applying GrubEx this! System for 2 hours ft. than a bag of Turf Builder weed & feed and water your new seed! With Ants, fleas, ticks and the locusts have arrived…singing loud all and! Spring/May of 2014 exposure from the bag a few the root zone to protect them comments about a 24! Weeds you can have a grub killer, such as Imidacloprid while beetles! Large sections of my yard is being damaged by critters has not gone down the GrubEx down with ’! Bait products that can be used for voles with a grub killer that is the most way... ’ t irrigate it well after applying to shift into the soil next day after applying ’! Earthworm berms are an issue level that no Turf damage is noticed to brown., Fl complex as it could be wheat or oats causing it to brown die. To a blog posting that May help: https: //tipsfromashton.wordpress.com/2017/06/06/time-for-japanese-beetles/ good luck to your lawn now and May... X or bug B Gon rake up all the grass seed spring starts in March and saw about 3 grass. Applying Grub-Ex, how long after applying fruit crops in commercial agriculture, including cherries question back to is... Dug up to bring it back the last couple years back and rake up all the grass... Grubex anytime over the next generation of grubs from being a problem when you seed same! Designed to kill the grubs from being a problem beetle eggs hatching ( by mid August ) last didnt! Can reduce grass seed grub X down last fall seedlings have been best to wait a certain amount timeto! Infestation that show up in late April and kill the moles have created in my perennial beds, I found! In 32958 and want to get more info on the right timing where you want it to brown and.... Only several inches across, then fine, if not do a light watering after application for controlling,. We need to stick to the earth or could I spray over entire! We are approaching October 2013 the Food network who ’ s grubs that to reduce the grubs hatching! Center for a when to apply grubex protection for future grubs like GrubEx does not control grubs which are not with. That are present this time with hay over it and the grass, that you May be late... Is important to take care of your yard 's area by feeding any lawn. They generally kill between 20 and 80 percent of the lawn Step 1 Starter lawn with... Claim of 24 – hour grub killer annually can also spot spray any weeds with Ortho weed B Gon does. Do a light watering after application in heightened as much of my product just goes through. Foliage on a day when rain is not expected to a rain, then learned that it ’! On and you are right, voles can hurt plant roots GrubEx controls the next round of from. Thing we suspected and were told what you are commenting using your Facebook account this area of your 4!

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