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for sale on Catawiki Auctions! You can find similar websites and websites using the same design template.. has an estimated worth of 8,359 USD. Without a subscription you can see the thousands of coins from auctions from the last 6 months for free. Ancient Greek coins from the region of Attica, modern-day Attic peninsula of Greece, projecting into the Aegean Sea. Text: Image: Varbanov 1107 The Greek mercenaries would also want the coins to be … Illyria. Practise first using the short "how to" pdf. See the coins etc. There are Greece coins that are rarer and more sought after by collectors, driving up their value. Fake Buyers, Coin thieves etc. These two coins are dated around 625 BC to 600 BC. Use a dash to exclude the coins matching with a word or expression. Note: Because of the poor quality, small size of images and incorrectness of attribution of so many coins in this section, the listings of this section have been deleted and many of them, shown using better examples, can now be found in the appropriate Greek city pageswhere you … AR Dekadrachm (34.5mm, 43.08 g, 2h). Swindlers: Fake Buyers, Coin thieves etc. Ptolemy VIII Euergetes II Physkon 170-116 BC. Ancient Greek coins were not limited to present-day Greece. I included links to the best ancient Greek and Roman coin research site, for you to be able to see examples of even the rarest ancient Greek and Roman coins. Seleukos I Nikator. AE 19mm. (Some additional lists are in a password protected area). Kings of Thracia, Lysimachos, Greek, uncertain mint, 305-281 BC. AE 17 $ 49.00 Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. See traffic statistics for more information.. A.D. 14-37. Ancient Greek coins from the region of Phoenicia, modern-day parts of Lebanon, Israel, Palestine and Syria. Classical period Greek coins. Please respect my work and do not copy images or text without asking permission. In addition, thousands of corrections have been made to coin attributions and references since 2009, making Wildwinds now one of the most reliable reference sources on the internet. Historia Numorum online and much more (Ed Snible). Forum Ancient Coins - a great place to go. Self-adhesive coin holders, boxes, etuis and capsules of all sizes and materials, from Nufira, Slovenia. Early coins. Auction. The series, called BMC Greek, is the largest collection of ancient Greek coins ever published.The volumes are: (i) Italy (Poole, Head and Gardner, 1873). Skyros took its name from its rocky terrain. According to the testimony of the ancient authors, the island was occupied successively by Pelasgians, Karians, Cretans, and Dolopians. Near VF with the entire tortoise on the flan which is rare. Varbanov 1096 (this coin); AMNG 700. 650 and 30 BCE. AY K M AYΡ CEOYH ANTΩNINOC CEB, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right, seen from the back / IEΡAC BYBΛOY, Tetrastyle temple with rounded,... Thrace, Trajanopolis - Ancient Greek Coins - Some city names may be spelled differently (e.g. 405-367 BC. Reverse die signed by Euainetos. Thankyou. Zeno The large Zeno database of Oriental, Arabic, African Coins and more.. Archive.Org, archive website for numerous numismatic book pdfs, including the BMC Greece volumes, Imhoof, Mionnet, AMNG etc. Corinth Staters special section formerly online as, A Comprehensive Geographically Ordered List, - Commagene, Kings, Epiphanes And Callinucus, - Corinth Pegasus Staters, special section, - Epeiros, Kings, Alexander The Molossian, - Ionia, Neapolis-Aurelia = Neapolis ad Harpasum, Caria, - Macedonia, Kings, Anonymous (inc. shield-helmet-types), - Macedonia, Kings, Antigonos Monophthalamos, - Macedonia, Kings, anonymous (inc. shield-helmet-types), - Macedonia, Kings, Demetrios I Poliorcetes, - Seleucia, Antiochos Epiphanes, Son of Antiochos VII, - Seleucia, Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (Grypos), - Seleucia, Antiochos X Eusebes Philopator, - Seleucia, Antiochos XI Epiphanes Philadelphos, - Seleucia, Seleukos VI Epiphanes Nikator. Find the best selection of the most respected coin dealers in the world and enjoy a safety buy. These are some of the most collectible Greek coins … Useful page to see what tricks they use. on the obverse--8.7 mm, 0.6 g: I'd like to make out AINI above the reverse figure, but that's probably just wishful thinking. Requests without the url cannot be considered for reasons of time. Ancient Greece is a part of Greek history that lasts from the onset of city states (polis, plural poleis) around 800 BC until the emergence of … An innovative research resource, CoinHoards provides primary data and other information on 2,387 hoards of coins produced by Greeks and other non-Roman peoples in the Mediterranean and adjacent regions between ca. The earliest known coins during this period are called East Greek and Lydian coins and they were found at Ephesus under the Temple of Artemis. Hosted on IP address in Santa Monica, United States. Certified Coins (16) Greek Coins (411) Greek Gold (1) Archaic Origins (24) Classical Fine Art (17) Persian Empire (9) Celtic & Tribal (14) Geographic - All Periods (310) Britain (1) Gaul (4) Iberia (14) Italy (8) Sicily. (Tip: Use the Boolean search with AND or NOT.). US$ 249.00. Zuzim. Phoenicia Arados AR stater. Dated Year 136 = AD 10-11. ISLANDS OFF ATTICA, AEGINA, Circa 445/4-430 BC. So please do not hotlink - use only plain text for links ! Since May 2009, the number of site visits increased to an average of over 25,000 hits per day in February 2016. (Tip: Use the Boolean search with AND or NOT.). IMPORTANT: We are currently modifying the files on wildwinds from "http" to "https". Text: Image British Museum Catalog of Greek Coins. The rarest Greek coins. Messana. Great prices, good quality, delivery worldwide, recommended by Dane! In addition, the number of coins on wildwinds has risen from 54,900 (July 2009) to over 76,000 in December 2019. CoinHoards is a component of the National Endowment for the Humanities funded Hellenistic Royal Coinages project developed by the American Numismatic Society (ANS). They were used to pay Greek mercenaries for the services they offer at the end of the time of service. Seleukid Kings. Ancient Imitations of Roman Republican Denarii, The Alexandru Marian Collection of Domitian Coins, Heather Howard's online Collection at, Without a subscription you can see the thousands of coins from auctions from the last 6 months for free. Wildwinds goes from strength to strength! Please see the instructions at the bottom of the Wildwinds startpage for … NB-Numismatics. Both coins came in the same bulk lot of Greek bronze coins, many of which originated in Thrace or Mysia. 10.7 gr. You'll find coins from the islands Aegina, Thasos, and Chios as well. Katane. Useful page to see what tricks they use. BEWARE OF FAKES!Check coins BEFORE you buy, unless you are buying from a reputable dealer. Aurora Rarities LLC Library - Numismatic Bibliography. When it comes to drachma coin prices and prices for other denominations, it can vary widely based upon condition and other factors. at the Ashmolean Museum, covering RPC III and VII and the planned IV. Dane Kurth (Helvetica) Administrator (rev description, this coin cited but panther omitted). Hotlinking (using html links) to images on wildwinds is not permitted and will result in an error. Other Ancient Greek coins were struck by Alexander the Great and his successors from mints ranging from India to … Looking for an alternative to ebay ? Greek Islands Ancient Coins "Skyros Coin-Silver Didrachm" See also... Skyros Skyros Coins Skyros Beaches Skyros Map The Carnival in Skyros. Text: Image: Mionnet Supp II, 20 Mionnet I, 130; cf Müller 75 (monogram only); SNG Copenhagen 1149-51 var. Varbanov 1090 corr. Other types of Archaic period coins include Croeseids, Ionia, and Staters. Modern fakes are being brought into the West by the thousand by Bulgarian immigrants. As is discussed later on this page and on the Alexander Portrait page of this site, the Herakles image varies significantly depending when and where the coin was minted, with the face sometimes picking up what are likely Alexander's own facial features and later on morphing into the face of other rulers. Phoenicia, Byblos - Ancient Greek Coins - whose hotlinks are resulting in thousands of errors in the error log). Date ΡΛς above club in left field, KΡ above ΡMω monogram in right field, Phoenician letter bet between eagle’s legs. Cohen "Shekels of Tyre" Supp. You can identify or "attribute" your coin with knowledge of the following characteristics of it. By 10.45 pm that night Roger had a heavy bucketful of medieval coins, silver and gold, containing about 2500 coins! Fakes Information Centre on Calgary Coins. Some of the most artful coins were minted by Greek colonies in Sicily and southern Italy before Rome was little more than a city-state. This section includes coins from Ancient Hellenic and coins from the Ancient Greek world, including Bosporus Kings, Macedonia, Thrace, Thessaly, Boeotia, and Sicily. Imperial Roman Coin Attribution 101 - The Short Course. The British Museum published most of its massive collection of Greek coins in 29 volumes from 1873-1929. Struck circa 405-390 BC. Syracuse (2) Other Sicily (6) Greece. Lydian and East Greek coins are made of electrum, which is a mixture of gold and silver. - Network di numismatica per i collezionisti di monete, Timeline Auctions: Coins and Antiquities from all time periods, Books etc. GREEK AND PROVINCIAL COIN CITIES. US$ 1,300.00. Helvetica's RIC lists, Dozens of xls lists compiled by Dane to precisely identify your Roman (and some Greek and Provincial) coins. Ancient Coins memory game: Emperor Names Hangman game: Mystery Coins: All content is protected by copyright of Wildwinds Co. Ltd. For requests to use an image please contact Dane and PROVIDE THE FULL URL OF THE IMAGE IN QUESTION The url is the address (, and information about how the image will be used. Π CEΠTI ΓETAC K, bare head right / MAΡKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Asklepios standing facing, head left, resting on serpent-entwined staff. In all they retrieved 6,701 coins, 135 gold and the rest silver. Attica, Athens AR Tetradrachm, Choice Extremely Fine, 454 - 404 B.C.E. Byzantine coins online. Athenian owl tetradrachms can be searched in the Athens subcategory. Dane Kurth (Helvetica) Administrator. Visit now! Select the City or King in the appropriate dropdown list, then click GO or select from the regular list sorted according to region, below. Browse through books on ancient coins, read about the Ancient Coin Certification Service, purchase featured coins, and read ancient numismatic and historic articles at the Academy. Category includes Athens, Athenian Cleruchs of Delos, Eleusis, and Oropus. [Reprint, Forni, 1960s] (ii) Sicily (Poole, Head and Gardner, 1876). 4,50 g. Helmeted head of Athena right / BAΣIΛEΩΣ ΛYΣIMAXOY, above and beneath lion running right, small caduceus, EM monogram and spearhead below. Text: Image: Varbanov 1096: Geta, AE27 of Markianopolis, Moesia. RPC I 4654. Includes Julius Caesar, Sextus Pompey, Marc Antony and Cleopatra, Brutus and Cassius. The large Zeno database of Oriental, Arabic, African Coins and more.. Self-adhesive coin holders, boxes, etuis and capsules of all sizes and materials. No part of this website - including images, outlay, configuration, descriptions, indices, translations or pdfs may be copied in any form without our permission. Contact Dane: email Dane. The earliest known electrum coins, Lydian and East Greek coins found under the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, are currently dated to the last quarter of the 7th century BC (625–600 BC). Ancient coins from the Roman Imperatorial First Triumvirate in 59 BC to the Roman Imperial period, beginning with Augustus in 27 BC. Website and database of all kinds of World Coins including English coins from early 19th century onwards, Frederic Weber's Website of Roman Coins, articles and collection (French and English), ArtAncient: Antiquities, Coins & Artifacts, USA, US coins, coin supplies and US coin literature, * powered by linux, perl, and the vi editor *, Moushmov Online - extended translation of, Coins and Antiquities from all time periods, Books etc. Sphinx Numismatics. Original Article by Carmen J. Scoppa. Babelon 692 Caracalla, AE24 of Byblos, Phoenicia. Here's the first, with Apollo(?) 14.26 g. Laureate bust of Melkart right / TYΡOY IEΡAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY, Eagle standing left on prow. As hinted earlier, the archaic period is the earliest period for Greek coin production. These six points will help you to pinpoint the ruler it was issued under, the type of coin, the denomination and possibly the time and place of its minting. In addition, the number of coins on wildwinds has risen from 54,900 (July 2009) to over 76,300 in January 2020. Not of all the cities and rulers are indexed on this page yet. See the coins etc. For coin questions, corrections, identification help, requests for the use of an image (please provide the full URL of the image in question), contact Dane. SICILY, Syracuse. In addition, the number of coins on wildwinds has risen from 54,900 (July 2009) to over 76,300 in January 2020. Tiberius. with a C instead of a K, or an O instead of a U) than what you are looking for, so check spelling variations. Dionysios I. Messages, News and Updates. Roger and the local archaeologist spent all the next day digging and checking the hole. Auction. Here we present our numismatic bibliography, a listing of books and other references we use to perform research and to catalog the coins, medals, and tokens we offer for sale. RPC Online: at the Ashmolean Museum, covering RPC III and VII and the planned IV. (This also applies to forums etc. Catawiki Auctions: Looking for an alternative to ebay ? It was a medieval coin hoard. for sale on Catawiki Auctions! The earliest Illyrian coins were probably minted by the Tyntenoi north of Lake Ohrid minted coins around 540 BC with the Greek legend Tynteni.Their silver coins reached Italy, Egypt and many parts of Asia.They belonged to the group of 'Thraco-Macedonian' coinages of this period, and they bore the same emblems as the coins of Ichnae at the head of the Thermaic Gulf. Aigina minted coins with a smooth-shelled sea turtle design and also produced this scarcer type featuring land tortoises, the latter distinguishable by their segmented shells. The obverse of these coins depicts a young (beardless) Herakles/Hercules. The kingdom existed from 305 BC to 30 BC. If you come across a problem when using "https:.." please send a message to Dane at the address below and use http://.. until the error is fixed. The WildWinds website has been created as a reference and attribution resource in the field of ancient numismatics. 11029. Digital Numismatic Library: the world's largest list of links to digital numismatic books. When in doubt, join Forum Ancient Coins and ask! WindWinds DataBank, Greek Coins Index by Sear SG Number. Greek Coins in the WildWinds DataBank, Indexed by Sear Number. Wildwinds now includes the Corinth Staters special section formerly online as, written by John Hayes, which covers Corinthian Pegasus staters from all the issuing cities. Since May 2009, the number of site visits increased to an average of over 25,000 hits per day in February 2016. Æ 13 $ 59.00 Macedon, Philippi. David R Sear: A site dedicated to ancient numismatics - Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage. acsearch: A large ancient coin database similar to coinarchives above. A large ancient coin database similar to coinarchives above. Website Analysis (Review) has 1,935 daily visitors and has the potential to earn up to 232 USD per month by showing ads. Kamarina. Punic Sicily. Ancient Greek coins from the Ptolemaic Kingdom, modern-day Egypt. Greek Gold Coins (2) Roman Gold Coins (4) Greek Coins Gaul, Spain, Italy and Sicily (2) Thrace, Macedon and Greece (6) Asia Minor (7) Syria and The East (10) Egypt and Africa (1) Roman Republican Coins (7) Roman Imperial Coins Julio-Claudian and Flavian (27 BC … Akragas. We have experienced very strong continued growth in site traffic since the re-launch in spring 2009. Gela. Example: type "5 cent*" to find coins of 5 cents and 5 centimes. Not all ebay sellers with good feedback are reputable ! 312-281 BC. Himera. 1, 324 (this coin); BMC -; Rouvier -.

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